Would you buy a used videogame company from this man?
Write slightly too much about the problems with platform-wide reward systems. (25G, Very Rare)
Inafune and Improbable trundle into the elephant's graveyard in the metaverse.
Can the fundamental trouble with esports ever be properly solved?
On the implications, for Bethesda, Microsoft and Game Pass, of Starfield and Redfall being delayed to 2023.
Thoughts on the end of EA and FIFA's 30-year relationship. Plus: a rare special offer on subscriptions!
A fun (?) look ahead to when the credits finally roll.
Nine months after being booted from app stores, Fortnite is back on mobile — sort of. Rejoice, the billionaires say.
Thoughts on Square Enix's knockdown sell-off of its Western studio network.
Sony is insisting developers create demos for new PlayStation games. Are intros about to get fun again?
New App Store clean-up policies have worrying implications for the future of mobile games.
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