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Totally agree with your thoughts on Elden Ring. Its my first souls-like and it's shocking me how welcoming and cooperative the game can actually feel.

Also, thanks for sharing the articles about blockchain. I'm job-searching in tech at the moment, and while I'm confident that blockchain is unethical from a consumer standpoint, I've never even considered the ethics of working for a company that makes stuff on the blockchain.

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I feel like the world is trying to get me to play Destiny again. That Eurogamer review earlier, and this now? I cannot let myself get sucked back into that world—it’s a dangerous place to be. I think my own Substack only came into the world due to hanging up my Guardian’s cloak.

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Oh Kevin, hi! I love The New Fatherhood! Delighted to have you on board.

If it helps — and as ever, the phrase 'if it helps' acknowledges that what follows will probably not help at all — I'm finding Destiny a surprisingly easy game to dip in and out of at the moment. It's quite... snackable now, I think? It's no longer the case that all the best stuff is in the endgame. I just play the odd hour here and there. The new expansion's great too.

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