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You know

I wish the PS5 wasn't so difficult to get by, so expensive and so impossible. Here in South America (in general) it price just goes up north of 1200 USD as a its MRSP. Yes, I do understand that taxes and what not, but the Switch has always costed 400 from the get go. its price has gone down just a tad. But that's it.

The actual offer ot the nu-PSPLus is still so confusing that I cannot get a hold on it and explain it to someone else, in contract to the XBOX GAME PASS: All you can eat, for 14.99. That's it. We will take some things off now and then but that's it.

I have been pondering (with the Master of House, the wife) whether we should get a PS5 or go 3 weeks off to a beach in Mexico and do absolutely nothing for a while.

For now, Playa El Carmen is winning. Perhaps when God of War Ragnarok comes then probably we will think about it.

for now. Playstation seems like a hen running aorund with its head cut off.

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