Enjoy the holiday. Thanks for signing off with Keano’s greatest put-down ever.

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Great read as always! Enjoy your holidays.

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I always wanted to participate in the Marvel vs Capcom 1 and 2 Evo back when that was a thing. Never could make it to the venue of course (Being Colombian, not having a visa, you know. that kind of stupid thing) but I remember clearly watching the finals and wondering where would I land in that having all players here beat by a long margin.

I remember a local MVC tournament in Bogota. I got the finals!

And played Chunli and Morrigan and quite literally mopped the floor with the last year champion. 3-0 with 2 perfects. I thought "How the hell are you the reigning champion?"

I got disqualified because, according to the tournament organizers I cheated. On an Arcade Machine. Imagine that.

Next year, also wiped the floor with everyone in MVC2. Again, at the finals, disqualified again because it is not possible that with just one char I beat three of the opposing team. I used one for each fight. And they were perplexed and banned me from further attending the National Championship XD

So yeah. I wish I could have gone to the MVC EVO and match myself with like minded peers who understand skill. Probably I wouldn't have lasted a minute but I wish I could have at least..tried.


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Enjoy the hols, much deserved and needed! I can totally relate. :o)

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