I remember back in the day, with a midrange crap of a videocard and core i7 920 spending hours testing to maximize fps and minimize heat output

I bought an amd 5200 cpu and later annrtx 3070 and I forgot about all that, set it om high and got steady 100+ fps

Come the switch and freedom of sliders. Then ps5 more freedom.... until ragnarök

I dont like it one bit. It was supposed to be turn on and forget not even setting!!! Now we live in a world where the future might be just pcs with various degrees of performance and Imdread that day

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Totally resonate with that anxiety around games settings... The first 2 hours of any AAA game for me are spent hyper-focusing on any frame drops or hiccups and obsessively tinkering the settings back and forth until I'm satisfied (I'm never satisfied...). I think all big games should have a benchmarking feature where you can see how it runs on your settings during intensive scenes, that would quell the anxiety a bit.

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I own a Steam Deck and I appreciate your worries. My first demanding game on that device was Dishonored 2, and I must have spent at the very least a good hour trying various settings, never being quite comfortable with the trade-offs I was making.

And then I discovered FSR: drop the resolution and put everything at max. Intellectually, I know the picture is not as good as it would be in full resolution, but emotionally, I’m satisfied.

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